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Water Clarity Management

Florida coastal waters are seldom as clear as the deep, cold, rocky lakes in the northern states. There are three main reasons your lake water isn’t as clear as it could be.


Florida tea

Most water near the coast is brown like tea. Tannic acid from pine needles & oak leaves stains the water brown. If you put the water in a clear glass, it looks like weak tea. There’s not much to do about this condition.



Some algae turn the water opaque green, brown, yellow or red. Sometimes the lake simply needs an algaecide treatment to kill the algae. Other times the discoloration is a symptom of nutrient overload or the lack of biodiversity. There aren’t enough tiny organisms eating the algae. Beautiful Ponds evaluates the lake condition & recommends the right solution. See the other articles regarding algae in the Lake Management section.


Fine Sediment

The last reason for opaque water is erosion during construction. Some soils contain very fine sand. This sand is so light-weight it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the lake.


Beautiful Ponds can apply a formula that causes these sand particles to attract each other & sink to the bottom. This process clears the water & improves the environmental health of the lake bottom. Installing aquatic plants protects the shoreline where this super fine sand is eroding into the water. 


Beautiful Ponds staff will walk the lake with you, take water samples & recommend the best solution for you. Contact Beautiful Ponds to schedule an inspection.

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