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Algae Harvesting

Harvesting or manual removal works for certain types of algae. It’s similar to pulling weeds from a flower garden instead of spraying weed killer chemicals. 



  • No chemicals enter your lake

  • Algae nutrients are removed from the lake

  • Reduces future algae growth

  • Does no harm to the filter (cleaning) organisms

  • Results are immediate



  • Harvesting can stir-up bottom sediment that releases nutrients into the water

  • Harvesting equipment can be too large to move to the lake


Sometimes harvesting requires other management tools such as microbial treatment. It’s one tool to consider in your overall lake management especially if algae blooms form every month. Call Beautiful Ponds to see if this is a good option for your lakes. 

Before Harvesting

Algae Harvesting Service Before.jpg
Algae Harvesting Service After.jpg

Same day after harvesting 


Beautiful Ponds harvested a lake in Sarasota. After the algae partially dried for a day staff removed 85,000 pounds of semi-dry algae. It weighted three times more when it was in the water. It was a good solution for a lake with constant algae blooms.


The harvested alga is moved to a composting site where it is converted into nutrient-rich topsoil mulch. The algae nutrients are moved back to the land where it belongs. 


Consider harvesting lakes that have been a continual problem year after year. It’s not appropriate for all types of algae. Contact Beautiful Ponds to determine if you have algae or other plants that would harvest well.

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