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Waterkeepers are an alliance of volunteers who protect water around the country. Their local website HERE is a good news source for water-related activities & issues in southwest Florida. 


Look under “Our Work” then “Stormwater & Sewage Pollution” on the top navigation bar to learn more about how they can help your community protect the water quality in your neighborhood & Sarasota Bay. 


They call their volunteers clean water warriors. They help with local, state & even national efforts to protect water. It’s a good place to meet like-minded people. Their work is a good example of how we all need to work together to protect our future.


Their website states, “Development practices that harden and compact surfaces have caused a 50 percent increase in stormwater runoff flowing into Sarasota Bay, carrying pollutants such as litter, motor oil, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, pet wastes, sediments and anything else that can float, dissolve or be swept away by moving water.”

What happens in your neighborhood doesn’t really stay in the neighborhood. What you do really does matter.

Beautiful Ponds supports their efforts to protect our environment. 

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