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Aquatic Plant Design & Installation

Why should we install aquatic plants around a lake? The simplest answer is because that’s what Mother Nature does. 

Aquatic Planting 1.jpg

Bare shore with more algae


Here are the reasons scientists have proven plants help lakes.

  • Stops erosion

  • Provides shade that stops algae

  • Reduces water temperature

  • Increase oxygen in the water

  • Improves wildlife habitat

  • Plants intercept nutrients entering the lake

  • Increases lake biodiversity

  • Provides habitat for creatures that clean the water

  • Makes a sterile, utility pond look more like a natural lake


Many books are written about each of these topics. Each bit of research gives us another reason to mimic Mother Nature. 

Aquatic Planting 2.jpg

Shore with aquatic plants


Most communities embrace shoreline plantings for the following reasons:

  • The financial risk of erosion repair

  • Algae blooms are increasing; turning the lake into an eyesore

  • The shoreline birds have disappeared

  • The community wants to increase their environmental stewardship

  • County or state requires the plants


Once the plants are installed & matured for a few months, birds visit your ponds more. People are able to enjoying the birds. They can feel proud that their lakes are havens for wildlife. Less noticeable to most people is that these shoreline plants are saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars per lake for erosion repair & dredging. 

Aquatic Planting 3.jpg

20 volunteers install 400 plants in two hours, then retire to the clubhouse for well-deserved brunch.


Beautiful Ponds plants shorelines, littoral zones, wetlands & upland preserves. Whether a community choice or agency requirement, contact Beautiful Ponds to discuss your community’s planting goals or requirements. We can install 500 or 100,000 plants.

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