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Water Chemistry Testing

Water quality testing is an integral part of lake management. Baseline data guides us to responsible plans. Communities who skipped this step often waste money on failed projects made without scientific data. The Beautiful Ponds saying is Solutions through Science. Water testing guides us to success.


Here are most common variables measured. 


  • Dissolved oxygen

  • Ammonia

  • Salinity

  • Temperature

  • Total suspended solids

  • Conductivity

  • Total nitrogen

  • Total phosphorus

  • Water clarity

  • Nitrate

  • pH

  • Kjeldahl nitrogen

  • Nitrite

  • Alkalinity

Solutions through science

Beautiful Ponds conducts DNA sequencing research to determine the microbial communities. We even test for microplastics in the water. 


Testing has also been necessary in rare problems such illegal dumping chemical waste & landscape insecticide spills. In these cases, we test for a single chemical to determine if has entered the lake. 


Beautiful Ponds staff can present the information to the board in an easy-to-understand presentation so they can use the information to prioritize community projects.

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