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Littoral Zone & Wetland Reports

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Environmental reports are a fact of life in Florida. The first step is confirming that the agency who sent you the letter has jurisdiction. They usually do. Government agencies send letters for two reasons;

  • A monitoring report required by your community building permit is missing

  • Someone in your community intruded into a preserve. See Preserve Intrusion & Restoration for more information about intrusions. 


Many environmental regulations are tied to the development permit issued to the original land developer. Regulations are often different for the different phases of development. One neighborhood in your community will have stricter regulations because it was built later.


After reviewing the agency letter, your permit documents should be reviewed. The board needs a complete set of “as built” drawings & correspondence between the developer & the agencies. The requirements & regulations are listed somewhere on those documents.


Monitoring Reports

Inspecting & writing a monitoring report is a straight forward process. A botanist or ecologist must inspect the preserve or littoral zone. Monitoring reports need to follow the agency’s preferred format.


Beautiful Ponds will inspect your preserve & create the report that will fulfill your monitoring requirements. Beautiful Ponds can also save your community money by recommending extra plantings or other actions that will minimize the number of reports that are required. Contact Beautiful Ponds now to get the answers you need.

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