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Grant Writing

Beautiful Ponds won $240,000 in grants for our customers. Your tax dollars at work. These are mostly funding shoreline improvement (aquatic planting), preserve enhancement & water quality improvement.

Most grant projects encourage community involvement. They are a great way to build community spirit & pride. Neighbors come together for common goal. Consider it a neighborhood team building exercise.

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Neighbors from 6 to 86 have fun for a couple hours, creating memorable experiences; definitely generating stories for the next cocktail party.

Your community may benefit from a variety of grants from government agencies & private foundations. Grants range from $500 to plant a butterfly garden to $25,000+ to fund fire protection & preserve maintenance.

Gants are also awarded for research partnerships between your community, Beautiful Ponds & university researchers. These research grants test leading edge methods for managing lakes, mostly involving nutrient reduction research.


Beautiful Ponds staff will write the technical aspects of the grant, assuring that the scientific portion of the grant is clear & accurate. Your Beautiful Ponds lake manager will also help you navigate the dangers of dealing with the county. You don’t want the good intention of applying for an environmental grant rewarded with a regulatory violation.


Contact Beautiful Ponds to learn about the grant programs available.

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