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Biological Plant Control

Biological Plant Control is using one organism (usually an insect or fish) to reduce another organism (usually algae or underwater weeds).


Read Fish That Eat Plants for information about how Grass Carp control Hydrilla & other underwater weeds. 

Biological Plant Control.jpg

Grass carp approaching weeds


In addition to controlling Hydrilla with Grass Carp, Beautiful Ponds uses bio-control organisms to control the following:

  • Alligator weed vine

  • Melaleuca trees

  • Brazilian pepper trees

  • Air potato vines

  • Algae


Beautiful Ponds also uses various microbial formulas to reduce algae. Sometimes we’ve needed to test DNA sequencing to identify & measure the microbial communities. Beautiful Ponds also collaborates with university researchers to field test various biological controls. 


Beautiful Ponds utilizes these natural controls whenever possible. The results are slower, but longer lasting than herbicides without any of the poisonous side effects of herbicides.

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