Beautiful Ponds

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Watch your pond and wetland area evolve over time and mature into a healthy stable ecosystem requiring nominal maintenance.

Plan & Design

  • Weed & Algae Control
  • Algae Harvesting
  • Aerators & Fountains
  • Water Clarity Management
  • Biological Plant Control
  • Fish Stocking

Once the specification and design process is complete, our professional team of environmental experts rolls out the recommended changes.

  • Erosion Control
  • Aquatic Plant Design & Installation
  • Preserve Intrusion Restoration
  • Water Chemistry Testing
  • Littoral Zone & Wetland Reports
  • Grant Writing

Sustainable Lake and Wetland Management

Let us help you restore your property's valuable watershed area 

into a beautifully scenic and healthy aquatic preserve.


Beautiful Ponds can provide all the services you or your community needs for lake, wetland & preserve management.

We service from Palmetto to Port Charlotte in Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte Counties.

Winner of the Sarasota Audubon Society Environmental Business Award.

Our planning process is built around you and your specific needs, and the proposed solutions will be custom tailored to your property.